The DRP® Method

Oncology Venture - The DRP Method
Not all cancer patients will benefit from treatment with cancer drugs to the same extent, or at all. In addition, many patients may experience negative side effects from their treatment, which can be unpredictable.

It has been very difficult to predict which drugs will be effective in which patients, and almost impossible to work out who will benefit from their treatment in advance. There is a general acceptance of this in the market and there are examples of very expensive cancer products with an effect in only a fraction of the treated patients.

Cancer classification and its treatment was until recently exclusively based on population-based observations, but due to great inter-individual variation, the old methods came with low sensitivity and low specificity. In other words, they often led to oversimplification, and thus lacked precision.

However, the development of cancer drugs and the treatment of cancer is rapidly changing from population-based experience towards more precise, individualized treatment, commonly called Precision Medicine.

Oncology Venture’s DRP® technology is a pioneering approach that has advanced science behind it, so that it covers the complexity of cancer and is able to be much more precise.  

Our solid AI technology* in oncology have generated ways to match patients with the relevant treatment.

*Here defined as mathematical statistical dynamic modelling of biology
Explainer video featuring our animated DRP® expert: Doctor B.

The video was made when the name of Oncology Venture was still Medical Prognosis Institute (MPI).

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Equipment from Oncology Venture’s labs.

Oncology expert Dan Von Hoff explains the benefits of the DRP® technology

The video was made when the name of Oncology Venture was still Medical Prognosis Institute (MPI).

A proprietary method to analyze the genomic fingerprint

The DRP® utilizes a proprietary method to analyze the genomic fingerprint in each individual tumor, which allows Oncology Venture to predict whether a patient is likely to benefit from a particular drug or not.

The DRP® technology is cutting edge and can be used together with existing methods to increase the ability to identify both responders and non-responders to a given cancer drug. Following the sequencing of the Human Genome, quantitative methods have advanced and our understanding of complex biological signals has improved substantially. This science has enabled the search for new and more effective genomic biomarkers, which reflect biological or disease-generating processes in the cancer cell.

With the DRP® approach, Oncology Venture is applying its unique and propitiatory matching algorithms, based on an extremely detailed understanding of the complexity of the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of cancer. This allows us to identify both responders and non-responders to the drug candidates in our pipeline.

To sum up, the value proposition of the DRP® technology delivers the following win-win-win situation:

Win for the individual patient

If the patient starts early therapy with an efficacious drug, this may have a strong impact on the outcome of their treatment. Therefore, it is a win for the individual patient to receive guidance on whether a specific drug is likely to have an impact on their cancer or if a different drug should be considered.  

Win for treatment payors

The Drug Response Prediction, DRP-technology, can identify non-responders and will reduce costs associated with inefficient first-line therapy and subsequent rescue medication/support,  bringing more value for money.

Win for drug developers partnering with Oncology Venture

A study has shown that only 4.7% of cancer drugs in clinical development are expected to lead to marketing approval. By partnering with Oncology Venture in the development of a drug, and utilizing the DRP® to identify relevant patients who might be helped, drugs can go from having no potential to becoming highly relevant treatments with good prospects for regulatory approval.

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