Scalable technology

The costs for clinical studies are very high. It is estimated that the cost for investigating a cancer drug per patient in clinical phase 1-, 2- and 3 trials is USD 45-65,000.

It is rare that a cancer drug is approved with data from fewer than 1,000 patients. The development costs for cancer drugs marketed in USA and Europe have, on average, been over USD 1 billion. The interest from cancer drug developers is substantial, as the DRP-technology can reduce development costs significantly.

As a consequence, Oncology Venture is a company with a scalable business model, as unapproved drug candidates are abundant, and Oncology Venture has the technology to turn them into approvable products. This can be done one by one, according to the available development capacity within Oncology Venture at any point in time.

Equipment from Oncology Venture’s labs.

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