We have collected and answered the most common questions
asked about the merger between Oncology Venture and MPI

Frequently asked questions

There are several reasons behind the decision to merge the two companies:

  • Control of value-chain: The joint entity will own the technology on which Oncology Venture Sweden AB’s business is based according to license rights. This will ensure added simplicity in dialogues with investors, potential drug licensee partners, since the technology owner (former MPI, now Oncology Venture A/S) and the licensee (Oncology Venture Sweden AB) becomes the same entity.
  • Simple story: Communication with investors will be simpler and there will be less need for due diligence. Analysts and investors will more easily be able to identify the full value of the Companies’ assets.
  • Cost synergies will be realized, as overlapping activities will be eliminated.
  • A larger market cap, which makes the company more attractive to larger and institutional investors, and new stock markets.
  • A unique One Stop Shop business model. Few companies have the companion diagnostic platform (DRP) as well as their own drug pipeline.
  • Potential to widen the business model. Facilitating the possibility of a strategy that encompass the whole value chain gaining the benefit from the DRP-technology from identification of lead compound, optimized indication selection for the individual drugs as well as to build the personal compass for the individual patient – called PRP™ (Patient Response Prediction).

The merged company will be named “Oncology Venture A/S”.

Nasdaq First North in Stockholm

You will keep the same number of shares as you have now. The ticker and company name of the shares will change on Monday 3 September 2018 (to Oncology Venture A/S, OV.ST)

For each share in Oncology Venture Sweden AB, you’ll received 1.8524 shares in the merged entity, shares are expected to be distributed in deposits on 11 September 2018. Cash payments following the sale of fractional shares are expected to be distributed to the entitled recipients on or around September 12, 2018.

Cost synergies will be realized, as overlapping activities will be eliminated. These will come from reduced costs related to having one listed entity instead of two, fewer costs related to auditing, administration etc.

From 3 September it will only be possible to buy shares in “Oncology Venture A/S”, ticker: OV.ST.

  • Chief executive officer, Peter Buhl Jensen
  • Chief Financial Officer, Niels Laursen
  • Chief Operations Officer, Ulla Hald Buhl
  • Chief Technology Officer, Thomas Jensen
  • Chief Scientific Officer, Steen Knudsen
  • Chief Commercial Officer, Claus Frisenberg Pedersen

The merged company will have a range of assets.

High priority cancer drug pipeline assets

  • Dovitinib
  • LiPlaCis®
  • 2X-121 PARP

Other cancer drug pipeline assets under development

  • 2X 111
  • Irofulven
  • APO010

Other assets under development

Oncology Venture’s universal Patient Response Predictor (PRP®), a tool which can guide doctors and patients in the process of selecting cancer drugs with a high likelihood of efficacy. The tool is currently in development phase, and the company has proven the PRP’s ability to predict, whether treatment with a range of widely used cancer drugs would be likely to benefit specific patients (or not).